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The ASD Scholarship Program
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About the Scholarship Program

The Association of Steel Distributors (ASD), with the support of Keith Busse, has established a scholarship award program available to children of ASD member employees who have been accepted to a two or four year college, graduate program, or vocational school.

As a longtime member of the ASD and an industry leader, Keith Busse, Co-founder, Executive Chairman, and past CEO of Steel Dynamics recognizes the importance of encouraging young leaders to participate in the steel industry.

In 2015 ASD awarded three scholarships with recipients enrolled at Indiana University, Trine University, and Brown University. 

The ASD is actively engaged in helping young people develop potential careers in the steel industry by offering scholarships of up to $2,000 for students who are academically qualified and in need of financial support to complete their studies. 

Interested in supporting ASD's scholarship program?

Contact ASD headquarters.


How are the scholarships awarded?

The scholarship committee reviews the applications from each applicant before making its recommendations. The committee confirms that applicants are children of ASD member company employees who have been accepted to a two-year associate degree, four-year university, vocational school, or to a graduate degree accredited program and meet the criteria listed below. Winning applicants will receive a scholarship distributed over a period of four years (or applicable years based on program length) payable in eight equal amounts via checks made jointly payable to the student and school being attended. 

Selection Criteria  
  1. Applicants must be the child, or dependent of a full time or part-time permanent employee of a regular, associate, or allied ASD member company. The company must be in good standing with dues paid in full. At least one parent/guardian must be a permanent employee of an ASD member company in good standing for the duration of the scholarship.
  2. The applicant shall or must be attending an accredited post-secondary institution of higher learning or an accredited trade or vocational school. The scholarship can also be applied to a post-graduate study. The applicant must be purusing a degree in business, engineering, or a technical field.
  3. Applicants must show evidence of achieving a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA out of a possible 4.0 in the grading period preceding their scholarship application. The applicants must also maintain a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA for the duration of the scholarship.
  4. Applicants receiving full scholarships from another source are not eligible for this scholarship award.
  5. Applicants must provide evidence of acceptance to a university or college for the applicable scholarship. If currently in college, applicants may provide proof of enrollment in lieu of an acceptance letter.
  6. Applicants must show evidence of participation in high school or college extracurricular activities and/or community involvement.
  7. Applicants must complete the ASD Scholarship Award Application and submit the requested documents marked as indicated on the application.
  8. Applicant may be asked for additional information including a statement of financial need (not including tax returns or W-2s).
  9. All information provided will be verified by the scholarship committee.
  10. All required documentation must be received no later than the deadline established by the association each year.
  11. Relatives, dependents, and applicants who reside in the same household as a member of the ASD scholarship committee are not eligible.


Notices and Disclaimers:

All applicants and their parents and guardians are hereby put on notice of and hereby acknowledge and agree to the following;

1. The ASD reserves the right to award any number of, or no scholarship as it determines at its sole discretion, regardless of whether the association receives multiple applications that satisfy the selection criteria and distribution guidelines.

2. The grant of a scholarship in one year does not entitle a recipient to receive a scholarship the subsequent year, even if the recipient re-applies and satisfies all selection criteria and distribution guidelines.

3. Neither the ASD or the ASD scholarship committee considers race, gender, ethnicity or religious affiliation in making scholarship award, renewal or funding decisions.

4. The applicant and parent/guardian agree that the ASD reserves the right to issue press releases and/or other means of general publicity for the ASD scholarship awards. Only general information will be released such as recipient names, parent name, member company name and location, award amount, and the school applicant is attending.

5. In the event that any of the above conditions are not met, ASD reserves the right to cease providing matching funds to the scholarship award recipient.

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